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TDF Off-Off @ $9 Account & Listing Instructions


How to access "Producer Login" website:

To access our Producer's website, please go to .


How to Register a Producer Account:

Please go to and click on "Register for a Producer Account." You will be asked to enter the following information:
4.Email Address
After the information has been entered, click "Save" and you will be directed to a login page.


How to log into the Producer Site:

After you've registered with TDF, please go to, enter your user name and password to log in.


What to do if you forgot your password

Click on "Forgot Password", enter your username or email to receive an email containing your registered password. Emails may only be sent to addresses we have on file.


How to change password

On the Producer Home page, click "Change Password." After you provide your current password and enter the new one, click submit.


How to submit a new show

Eligible shows must be on an Equity or Non-Equity theatre production or dance.
After you log onto the Producer Site, click "Submit a New Show." Please enter:
1.In the "Show Info" section, please enter the "Show Name" (required field);
2.From the "Category" drop-down menu, select the category of your show. You may select up to three categories (it is required to select at least one category);
3.Enter the show's Begin and End dates by clicking on the calendar icon, on the right of the "Begin Date" and "End Date" fields (required fields);
4.In the "Venue Info" section, please enter the Venue Name, Address, City, State and Zip Code (required) as well as the venue Owner (optional);
5.In the "Show Description" section, enter a short description of the show (required);
6.In the "Primary Contact Info," enter the "Contact Name," "Telephone," and "Email" (required).
7.In the "Payment Info" section, enter the "Payee Name," "Address," "City," "State" and "Zip Code" (all required). PLEASE NOTE: The Payee Name must be a business name. TDF cannot make checks out to individuals.
8.In the "Media" section, you may upload an image to be used in the listing of your show, as well as enter the show's URL. Please note: the maximum recommended size for an uploaded image is 1MB.
9.In the "Other" section, enter any "Special Instructions" you may have.
10.Finally, click "Submit for Approval"


What happens after the show is submitted and how long does it take for the show to be approved by TDF?

After the show is submitted, TDF will review the information and either approve the listing or reply to you with additional questions before posting. You will receive an email when the show has been approved and ready for ticket allocations.


How to add performances to an approved show

Log onto and click on "View Current Shows".
1.In the next page, click on "Add/Edit Performances and Tickets Allocations". On the calendar, click the date of the performance.
2.From the drop-down "Performance Time" menu, select the time of the performance. Please note the default time is 8: pm.
3.In the "Ticket Allocated" field, add the number of tickets allocated to this performance.
4.Click "Submit"
5.To add additional performances, please repeat the above.


How to change the ticket allocation to a performance

To change the ticket allocation
1.Click on "View Current Shows"
2.Click on 'Add/Edit Performances and Ticket Allocations"
3.On the date you would like to adjust, click on "Edit Allocation"
4.Adjust the amount in the "Tickets Allocated" field and click "Submit"
5.To cancel the adjustment, click "Cancel"


How to find out how many tickets I've sold

Log onto
1.Click on "View Current Shows"
2.Click on "View Performance Ticket Holders"
3.Click on the "Performance Date" you would like to view


How to view the list of ticket holders

To view the list of ticket holders, log onto the "Producer's Home Page', and click "View Current Shows" then click on "View Performance Ticket Holders." Once you are in the Performances Report page, click on the date of the date of the performance you wish view. The Performance ticket holder page lists the name of the ticket holders and the number of tickets purchased. You may print it for your use or your records.


How can I cancel a performance?

Log onto
1.Click on "View Current Shows"
2.Click on "View Performance Ticket Holders"
3.Click on the "Performance Date" you would like to cancel.
4.Click on the button "Cancel this Performance"


When does my show automatically close out sales?

Your show will automatically close at 2 hours before the performance begins. You will receive an email with the names of people who have bought tix (and their ticket quantities) to the performance.


Please note: Shows submitted for approval over the weekend may not be reviewed until Monday mornings.

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